OSS83 - OSS Antifreeze Longlife G11
OSS83 - OSS Antifreeze Longlife G11

This silicate-containing antifreeze VW TL 774C /G11 is a top quality antifreeze and can be used throughout the whole year in the cooling systems of petrol and diesel engines. Thanks to the special additives package and the high quality mono-ethylene glycol this OSS Antifreeze VW TL 774C /G11 is one of the highest quality on the market. This antifreeze should be further diluted before use with water in the recommended ratio.

    Exceeds approvals:
    • ASTM D3306 (USA)
    • BEHR (Radiators)
    • BMW GS 9400 / N600 69 0
    • CUNA NC956-16
    • Deutz/MWM
    • GM/Opel
    • MB 325.0
    • ONORM V5123
    • UNE 26-361
    • VW TL 774C G11
Available in:
Art.no. Volume Items per box Items per pallet
OSS8310 1 L 12 450
OSS8360 20 L 1 30
OSS8380 205 L 1 2