OSS31 - OSS Hydraulic Oil HVLP-68
OSS31 - OSS Hydraulic Oil HVLP-68

This HVI 68 hydraulic oil has been specially developed for heavy duty hydraulic systems of earth-moving machinery and permanent installations that have to operate under high pressure and a wide temperature range. This oil is also very suitable for circulation lubrication (with the exception of turbines), for vacuum pumps and general machine lubrication. Important: This oil may not be used in systems in which silver-plated components are present.

    Exceeds approvals:
    • AFNOR NF E 48-603 HV / NF E 48-690 / NF E 48-691
    • Cincinatti Milacron P-69
    • Denison HF-2
    • DIN 51524 part 3 HVLP
    • Eaton Vickers I-286-S / M-2950-S
    • ISO 11158 HV / 6743-4 HV
Available in:
Art.no. Volume Items per box Items per pallet
OSS3160 20 L 1 30