OSS170 - OSS ATF Synthetic AWJ
OSS170 - OSS ATF Synthetic AWJ

OSS17000 ATF AWJ Fluid. This automatic transmission fluid has been specially developed for Aisin Warner automatic transmissions with AW-1 recommendation and for Jatco transmissions. This very high quality automatic transmission fluid also has durable anti-shudder properties.

    Exceeds approvals:
    • Aisin Warner AW-1
    • Fiat 9.55550-AV2
    • Ford M2C922-A1
    • JATCO 3100 PL085 / FWD (N402) / JF506E (K17)
    • VW G 052 990
Available in:
Art.no. Volume Items per box Items per pallet
OSS17010 1 L 12 450
OSS17060 20 L 1 30