OSS167 - OSS ATF Synthetic MB 236.15
OSS167 - OSS ATF Synthetic MB 236.15

This is a premium synthetic automatic transmission oil which is specially developed for the latest generation Mercedes-Benz 7-speed fuel saving automatic transmission (NAG2FE+). The MB-Approval 236.15 is mandatory in all Mercedes-Benz NAG2FE+ transmissions. The MB-Approval 236.15 is not backwards compatible with the MB-Approval 236.10, 236.12 or 236.14. Contains Alkyl thiophosphites. May produce an allergic reaction. Material Safety Data Sheet available for professional users on request. This material and its container must be disposed of in a safe way, and as per local legislation.

    Exceeds approvals:
  • MB 236.15
Available in:
Art.no. Volume Items per box Items per pallet
OSS16710 1 L 12 450
OSS16760 20 L 1 30
OSS16780 205 L 1 2