OSS84 - OSS Screenwash Concentrate
OSS84 - OSS Screenwash Concentrate

This environmentally-friendly screenwash antifreeze prevents the screenwash system freezing and is also an excellent cleaner for smeary car windows and leaves a fresh lemon smell behind. OSS Screenwash Concentrate is safe for poly-carbonate, windows, rubber and paints and does not leave any streaks behind on the window. In addition the product is not corrosive, not harmful or irritating, so it can be used safely. OSS Screenwash should be diluted before use with water in the recommended ratio.


- 1 part conc. / 1 part water -22°C

- 1 part conc. / 2 parts water -15°C

- 1 part conc. / 3 parts water -10°C

Available in:
Art.no. Volume Items per box Items per pallet
OSS8410 1 L 12 450
OSS8450 5 L 4 112
OSS8460 20 L 1 30
OSS8470 60 L 1 12
OSS8480 205 L 1 2